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Buy 500 Token and get profit 5% permonth / 25$ USDT on 1 years you will get total 800$

Buy 3000 Token and get profit 5% permonth / 150 USDT on 1 years you will get total 4800$

Buy 6000 Token and get profit 5% permonth / 300 USDT on 1 years you will get total 9600$

Buy 15000 Token and get profit 6% permonth / 900 USDT on 1 years you will get total 25800$

Buy 50000++ Token and get profit 7% permonth / 3500 USDT on 1 years you will get total 92000$



Purchase Price

New Tokens will never be created.
AutoBusd Token Price 1$ / ABS
The $ABS token official address is 0xf83849122f769a0a7386df183e633607c890f6c0

Our Advantages

Why You Should Choose an AutoBUSD

AutoBUSD Project Is Gold Trading Robot That Is Proven To Be Profitable And Consistent With Single Entry, Anti Margin Call, And Auto Compound!
AutoBUSD Project Will Automatically Replace Your Forex Trading Role Such As Buy / Sell, Market Analysis, To Generate Profit!
AutoBUSD Project Is Designed With A Complicated Algorithm And Sophisticated Features, So It Can't Be Copiedtrade!
Purchasing This AutoBUSD Token (ABS) For AutoBUSD Project Price Is Stable Token = 1$ And Once In A Lifetime !

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is AutoBUSD Project with ABS?
2what minimum funds should be allocated / for investment?

minimum purchase of ABS is 500 ABS = 500 $ and will automatically join the AutoBUSD project!.

3Are there any additional fees after purchasing a trading AutoBUSD token (ABS) ?

Nothing, all investor just enjoy profit every month.

4Is AutoBUSD definitely profitable?

We guarantee that if you join the AutoBUSD project you will always be profitable even though in trading there is always the possibility of profit or loss. If the AutoBUSD Project Loss is in trading all expenses will be borne by AutoBUSD Tech. So monthly investors will still get stable profits. But the robot logic from the AutoBUSD Project has strict risk management and the performance of the robot trading results from March 2020 to date, the Robot Gold profit target of 10% -20% per month is still being achieved.

5How long does the Withdraw process take? What is the minimum and maximum Withdraw?

Withdraw process before 3:00 p.m., will be completed that day. Minimum Withdraw per day $ 10. Maximum Withdraw per day $ 2,000, This restriction is for security reasons. If there is a Withdraw request for more than $ 2,000 per day, it can be notified in advance.

6Where do I contact if there are difficulties??

You can contact us at any time according to the following Telegram @AutoBUSD or Our Twitter @AutoBUSD.